Truth in the Flesh

By Rev. Clint Reiff |

Postmodern philosophers, for the most part, do not believe is absolute truth, but believe that truth is always contingent on historical and social contexts and therefore cannot be absolute or universal.

Truth is at best partial and uncertain, they say.

Paul Karl Feyerabend said “The only absolute truth is that here are no absolute truths.”

Richard Rorty said, “Truth is what your peers let you get away with.”

Postmodernism says that you can’t know absolute truth because it does not exist and therefore you will never know it or engage it.

Christianity says that not only is there absolute truth, but that you can know it and engage it, in the person of Jesus Christ.

There is something truer than truth: Jesus!

Jesus is the whole truth and resides in relationship, in His Person. The gospel doesn’t teach us about Jesus as a principal, but as a Person, the second Person of the Trinity.

Christianity is infinitely more than a worldview or a paradigm.

Christianity is a relationship with Jesus, the Lord and Savior. It is more than the most accurate, the truest view of who God is, it is the best and truest experience of who God is.

We are saved by faith. True, but the essence of that saving faith is embodied in relationship with Jesus Christ.

The essential content of Christianity is Christ, who calls Himself “the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” Jesus is the individual, the uniqueness, that altered mankind’s relationship with God. God’s name Yahweh, was no longer something that could not be uttered.

God’s name was now announced to the ends of the earth, and the name was Jesus.